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Who are we?

We are a voluntary organisation based in Northern Ireland which provides emergency accommodation, advice and community support for people who are homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless.


Call us if you are at risk of becoming homeless or you are homeless.

'I have moved'

Our campaign 'I have moved' highlights that there is a positive answer.

Hidden Homelessness

The sofa highlights the issue of ‘hidden homelessness’, those who may be staying on a friend’s sofa or any other alternative. We are saying 'There is more to homelessness in Northern Ireland than sleeping on the streets, and there can be a positive answer.' For more information on hidden homelessness please visit our YouTube channel.


Simon Community unveils 2014 - 2017 Strategic Plan with a vision for Northern Ireland where Homelessness is Ended

Lord Mayor of Belfast Nichola Mallon has pledged her support to Simon Community NI as it launches its new Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017 with a bold new mission to create a society where Homelessness is Ended. This plan marks the beginning of a new chapter in the journey of Simon Community NI as it works to tackle and eradicate the spectre of homelessness from our local communities. Chief Executive Jim Dennison - “Our experience has proved that more people than ever before are vulnerable to homelessness, affecting people from a wide range of backgrounds. This is underlined by a significant increase in the number of people accessing our Freephone helpline, 33,000 in the last year alone. Worryingly most families are now less than two pay packets away from losing their homes.’ ‘Current economic pressures are creating the perfect storm for homelessness to thrive and in response Simon Community NI has developed this forward looking strategy which will not only increase the breadth of our services to support those who are homeless but will also grow our work out in the community, supporting thousands of people across Northern Ireland every year who are vulnerable to homelessness.” Jim went on to say “This plan, which has our clients’ needs at the heart of it, is leading the way in tackling this significant issue but in order to create lasting change for the better I am urging everyone to work with us to achieve our vision of – Homelessness is ended.” Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon – “I’m delighted to be supporting Simon Community NI in its efforts to ensure homelessness is ended in Northern Ireland. I have visited some of Simon’s projects recently and it is clear that there is a great demand for their services. I will be hosting a round table of civic leaders in the near future to raise the issue of homelessness and to start the conversation about how we can collectively drive forward a shared strategy to tackle this problem. ” To view our plan please click here:

Personal Experiences

"I have somewhere I can call my own"

Steven used the freephone helpline to get in touch with us.

A story that needs to be told - 40 years in Northern Ireland

Donate Online

Every penny raised will help us support individuals and families who are at risk of becoming homeless or who are homeless in Northern Ireland. It will also allow us to expand our services. To donate dial 028 90 232882 or click on the button below.

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