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Our Strategy

Doing things differntly
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2024 2029 strateguc plan

In 2024, we are facing a growing homelessness crisis in Northern Ireland. At Simon Community, we need to do things differently if we are to achieve our mission of ending homelessness and achieving a society where everyone has place to call home. Our strategic plan for the next 5 years aims to do just that.

Present Challenges:

  • 45,000+ households await social housing, with 75% in housing stress.
  • 26,000 households, including 4,500 children, legally classified as homeless.
  • Over 10,000 placements in Temporary Accommodation, a 206% increase in 4 years.

The crisis has been deepening for over 20 years, demanding a new response. With private rentals becoming less accessible, and homelessness soaring, the question is clear: How will we respond?

In the past five years, Simon Community broadened its efforts beyond temporary accommodation, reaching those at risk of homelessness and creating solutions to end it. Our strategy aims to prevent homelessness, offer practical housing solutions, and break the cycle before it begins.

Homelessness is more than just a housing issue. It is also driven by poverty, mental health, addiction, education, lack of job opportunities, relationship breakdowns, and domestic abuse.

Ending homelessness is a shared responsibility. We cannot do it alone but we can amplify the voices of the people we help, build partnerships, and create a movement to end homelessness.

It is time to end homelessness in Northern Ireland. It is time to do things differently.

Simon Community’s Strategy 2024–2029:

  1. Vision: A society where everyone has a home.
  2. Mission: To end homelessness for people who need our help.
  3. Values: Trustworthy, Non-Judgemental, Determined.
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Strategic Priorities:

Here's how we are putting our strategic priorities into motion:

  1. Preventing Homelessness:
    1. Improve the quality and reach of our community engagement activities to support more individuals and families who are at risk of homelessness
    2. Increase the number, and improve the outcomes for, at-risk individuals and families who are able to maintain stable housing after receiving targeted support
    3. Through effective lobbying and evidence-based campaigning, achieve systemic change in housing supply, rights and financial support
  2. Providing Timely Support:
    1. Reduce the average length of stay for people within our temporary accommodation
    2. Improve the access and quality of our temporary accommodation
    3. Engage with the people we support to drive service improvement and development
  3. Offering Solutions:
    1. Grow the number of Creating Homes properties (both owned and managed)
    2. Increase the numbers of individuals and families who have secured and maintained long term housing solutions as a result of our support
    3. Increase our Housing First provision
    4. Focus efforts on ending homelessness for young people and women
  4. Investing in Our People:
    1. Engage with the people we support to drive service improvement and evaluate service delivery
    2. Ensure we are driving improvements in the recruitment and retention of a skilled, engaged and resilient workforce
    3. Develop and further evolve a culture of well-being
  5. Building a Strong Future:
    1. Ensuring governance to enhance service delivery and optimise resources for the
    2. benefit of the people we support
    3. Mobilise a growing network of supporters, volunteers and partners across Northern Ireland
    4. Challenge misconceptions and increase awareness and understanding of homelessness issues

Ready to Make a Difference? For more detail, download the full 2024–2029 strategy document. Together, we can do things differently to end homelessness in Northern Ireland.

We all have a role to play. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at