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Easton Speaks Out

10 April 2024

Easton 2

Belfast youth homelessness advocate Easton, of the Belfast Foyer, has captured the attention on Belfast Telegraph and UTV for recently speaking out and sharing his lived experiences in homelessness. His story resonates deeply, sparking conversations and calls to action around the stigma of young people experiencing homelessness.

Highlighted in a recent Belfast Telegraph feature, Easton's journey sheds light on the challenges faced by homeless youth, prompting reflection on his personal journey. UTV further amplified his message, reaching a broader audience and challenging misconceptions about the stigmas of those who experience homelessness.

Easton's courage in speaking out against stigma has sparked important conversations about systemic issues contributing to homelessness.

“ Easton has been able to show us all that homelessness isn’t about addicts; it isn’t what people assume. Every person experiencing homelessness is a unique individual facing their own challenges and hopefully receiving support from services like the Simon Community. We have a role in society to challenge the stereotypical views and to encourage people to think about the person involved. Homelessness affects 1 in 22 people in Northern Ireland; and with the current cost of living challenges it really could be anyone “

– Kirsten Director of Homelessness Services, Simon Community

As Easton continues to advocate, his story offers hope and resilience to others facing similar challenges. Belfast Foyer Project Manager Janeen McCorkell reflects on Easton’s journey to date:

“When Easton arrived at the foyer, he was shy and kept to himself. It has been amazing to watch him come out of his shell as he continues to build positive relationships and has taken a lead in the Foyer as the client rep. Easton was voted into this role by his peers and now supports clients and staff with activities and especially is very supportive of new clients finding their feet. Easton was a key player last summer in arranging our wellbeing outside space to allow clients to have a quiet space for reflection and continues to show up for himself and others.”

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