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Inclusion Nurses Making a Difference for those Experiencing Homelessness

03 April 2024

Recently, BBC Newsline, through the reporting of Gráinne Connolly, brought to light the invaluable work of inclusion nurses placed in every healthcare trust, making a difference for those experiencing homelessness in our communities.

Among those impacted by their dedication is Paddy, a former client of Simon Community based in Armagh. Paddy's journey is a testament to the transformative power of support and intervention, particularly from his assigned Health Trust Inclusion Nurse and Senior Wellbeing Practitioner, Georgie.

Evicted and finding himself homeless in 2021, Paddy's story could have taken a tragic turn if not for the intervention of these healthcare professionals. Paddy’s key workers alongside Georgie, provided invaluable support, while Paddy's inclusion nurse ensured he had access to primary healthcare, a vital component of his journey towards sobriety and independence.

Paddy's words, "I'd probably be dead," starkly reflect the despair he once faced. Yet, through the support of his care team, he emerged from the addiction and homelessness, reclaiming his life and moving on to his own home.

The inclusion health nurses play a vital role, offering essential healthcare services to not only street sleepers but also those in temporary accommodation and individuals who have fallen through the gaps in society. Their work is dynamic and unpredictable, as each day presents new challenges and opportunities to make a difference in someone's life.

Paddy's story serves as a reminder of resilience and transformative compassion. It underscores the importance of recognising the often-overlooked contributions of healthcare professionals and support workers who tirelessly advocate for those in need.

To Gráinne Connolly and BBC Newsline, we extend our gratitude for amplifying Paddy's story and shedding light on the vital work of inclusion nurses and support workers.

For more information on the write up head over to the BBC Online or watch the video on their FaceBook page here.

Georgie and Paddy 1
Georgie and Paddy 2
Grainne and Paddy 1