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Simon Community Delighted to Partner with Digg Deep for Kids as Chosen Charity for Christmas 2023

30 November 2023

Digg Deep for Kids Breakfast PR Photo

Simon Community are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the benefiting charities for this year's Digg Deep for Kids campaign.

Digg Deep for Kids, an annual campaign aimed at supporting children in need throughout Northern Ireland, has selected Simon Community as one of the beneficiaries for its upcoming fundraising efforts. The partnership aims to amplify the impact of both organisations in supporting families in need this Christmas.

Simon Community, Northern Ireland’s leading homeless organisation, partnered with Digg Deep for Kids in 2021, and the impact was significant. Thousands of items were gifted to Simon Community temporary accommodation sites (including TVs, towels, bedding and furniture), as well as improvements in WiFi and on-site defibrillators.

Jim Dennison, CEO of Simon Community, said,

We are honoured to be selected once again as one of the charities for Digg Deep for Kids. This partnership creates a positive and lasting impact on the lives of families, children and adults across NI. We look forward to working closely with Digg Deep for Kids to make a real difference in our communities and want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has donated.

The Digg Deep for Kids campaign, now in its 5th year, raises awareness and funds to support various children's causes. By partnering with Simon Community, the campaign aims to extend its reach and contribute to the well-being of children who are facing homelessness and related challenges.

Caroline O’Neill , Digg Deep for Kids Founder, emphasised the importance of the partnership, saying,

The partnership with Simon Community and Digg Deep for Kids means so much because Simon is at the forefront of what people need. At Digg Deep for Kids, we respect that and we like that Simon Community knows the level of need that is out there and we love that in this partnership.

It has been rolled out in that we can do some legacy projects, not just off-the-cuff items that people need there and then, it is actually things that can make a difference in their lives for the long term. We have worked together in the past with Simon Community and we look forward to working together in the future as well.

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