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The stories behind our Christmas trees

Bonds Hill

Bonds Hill - Derry

"Clients and staff worked extremely hard and clients wanted to add their own personal touches to the trees adding houses, their names and the Simon Community logo.” – Joanne, Senior Support Worker

Lisburn 1


“The ‘From This to That’ Tree is symbolic of the journey of our service users. As you enter the hostel the tree is decorated with items that are used within hostels such as sponges. However, as you leave the hostel, the tree is beautifully decorated and is meant to reflect a person moving on to living independently.” - Sarah, Team Leader

Bangor 10


“Our ‘Tree of Hope’ is filled with aspirations for the future and during Homelessness Awareness Week we invited the local community to help populate it for our clients. Our ‘Happy Eggmas Tree’ is an an eco-friendly tree from egg boxes while our ‘Hands Tree’ uses client’s own hands to emphasise the importance of support during Christmas.” - Helen, Accommodation and Community Support Worker



“All Newry’s resident elves participated and have worked hard making every aspect of this tree, every bauble, glittery bit, star, paint, parcel and all out of recycled material. The client in the photo is now referred to as Michealangelo and is a real inspiration” – Pauline, Accommodation and Community Support Worker