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John's Story

John's Story

This year on Father’s Day John, from Omagh is spending time of reflecting on his journey with Simon Community. It has been one of transformation, not only for him but for his relationship with his children.

John became homeless following a difficult period in his life, when his mother passed away and his drinking spiralled of control, he recalls.

"We were very close; this was such a hard time in my life. People say they often lose days to drinking… I lost weeks."

Through the support of Simon Community, John found a path forward.

"…Brilliant, the staff here really are good. They help me in ways they don't even realise. Helping me with things like my relationship with my youngest and how to make things better.”

The guidance and support he received have been crucial in his journey towards stability. John is a father of two, a 22-year-old son, and an 18-year-old daughter. When speaking about them he beams with pride.

"I am so proud of the two of them. My son went to Queens University and has a really good job.”

John acknowledges the impact of his struggles with addiction on his family.

"Because of my drinking, I have a lot of repairing to do, I am working on things with my children, especially my daughter. Things are getting a lot better."

John has joined the Men’s Shed, a community space where men can engage in activities, share skills, and enjoy companionship.

"the Men’s Shed provides a lot of structure to my day. I like getting out and playing bowls; it's good owl craic!"

This involvement has given John a sense of purpose and community. Looking to the future, John notes

"There's a lot of wrongs I am trying to make right... some stuff I can't even remember. My hopes for the future are to continue to see my son and take the small steps to repair my daughter’s relationship."

Father’s Day for John is a reminder of the journey he has been on and the progress he continues to make. With the support of Simon Community and his own determination, John is hopeful about the future and the possibility of rebuilding his relationships.