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In October 2017, the annual Petermarathon took place, a truly colourful and packed week of Pyjama parties, cake sales, fancy and dress the eventful funky hair dyes.  All the staff from across Northern Ireland’s 7 outlets really got into the atmosphere and encouraged both each other and clients alike to support this fantastic campaign.

This year, the Peter Mark team helped raise much needed funds which specifically contributed to mainlining the support facilities for homeless individual’s in crisis, as part of the “Hearts and Minds” campaign, this specifically helps provide the unique service of three employing three dual diagnosis that help people across all of Simon Community NI’s 22 projects.  This practitioner’s specialist programme focuses on mental health and drug and alcohol issued amongst the homeless in Northern Ireland

“We are delighted to be able to take prat in the Hearts and Minds initiative to help raise fund the Communities across Ireland. We know our customers really enjoyed getting behind this year’s Petermarkathon in the usual inimitable sprit and style."

Peter O’Rourke – CEO of Peter Mark

Homelessness is so much more than providing a roof over someone’s head; it must be much more holistic.  Mental health issued and drug and alcohol dependences are so often at the heart of preventing people from moving to a more permanent place to call home.  At present in Northern Ireland Ireland the health service struggles with limited resources, to provide the necessary support and services for people who are homeless and with the help of the dual diagnosis practitioners, we hope to support people in moving towards better and more positive future. 

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