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Permanent Accommodation

Research shows that experiencing homelessness, even for a night, is detrimental to a person’s well-being, mental health and future prospects.

For some people, living in emergency or temporary accommodation is not a viable option. The insecurity and instability of ‘shared-living’ environments can be detrimental to people in recovery from substance dependency, deemed unsafe for individuals with particularly complex needs; or considered a potential step into a cycle of homelessness for people who initially required no other support than just a roof over their heads.

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With this in mind, Simon Community NI has committed to providing a variety of options and solutions to end homelessness, to suit the individual needs of each person we support. At the heart of this commitment is a desire to see each person who is at risk of, or experiencing homelessness in Northern Ireland, safe and secure in their own permanent and sustainable home.

Simon Community NI has partnered with the Housing Executive’s Housing Solution Department to improve the services available to people who are at risk of experiencing homelessness, and offer permanent housing solutions where possible. The HOME (Housing Options Made Easy) Team support people experiencing homelessness to be in a position where they can live independently and sustain their own tenancy.

This joined-up approach ensures clients’ needs are met with regard to their housing options, and that they are offered transparent and realistic advice in relation to their situation. The aim of the partnership is to reduce the time spent in temporary accommodation and increase the amount of successful and sustained tenancies.

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Weekly housing clinics take place within our Accommodation Projects, and one-on-one client meetings are offered to support them with any housing or move on queries, problems and concern, during which they are provided with up to date information in relation to their housing application, housing points and realistic housing options.

In the last year, 510 individuals have been supported by the HOME Team. Of this number, 258 individuals were placed into suitable temporary accommodation within Simon Community NI and 252 people were supported to source alternative accommodation, including successful reintegration into their family, private rental and accommodation supported by other service providers.

This is a step towards securing permanent, secure homes for people experiencing homelessness in Northern Ireland. Our vision is to end homelessness and that includes ensuring that temporary and emergency accommodation is just that; and is not used as a longer-term solution due to the lack of suitable permanent solutions.

It is Simon Community NI’s ambition to provide new and innovative housing options, including move-on and permanent accommodation, for people who otherwise would be stuck in temporary or emergency accommodation for far too long.