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5 Tips for Helping People who are Homeless During Summer

23 July 2019

When temperatures rise many of us enjoy soaking up the sun. However, for people who are sleeping rough, the rising heat can be life threatening.

But you can help - Here are our top 5 tips on how you can help someone who is homeless during the summer months.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Gift bottles of water and suncream - By providing water and a high factor suncream you can help people who are sleeping rough avoid dehydration and sunburn, which can quickly lead to heatstroke and exhaustion. 
  2. Donate your umbrellas, hats and sun glasses - During the long summer days it can be hard for people who are homeless to find shelter from the sun and soaring temperatures. By providing an umbrella, hat or sunnys you'll help them protect themselves from the sun.
  3. Buy baby wipes - People who are sleeping rough often don't have access to cleaning facilities. Baby wipes provide an easy way to help them freshen up. 
  4. Be a good Samaritan - If you are worried about someone you see sleeping on the streets of Belfast, contact the Welcome Organisation’s Street Outreach Team on 078 9493 1047. If you feel the person is in immediate danger call 999. 
  5. Support a homeless charity - At Simon Community NI we’re always looking for volunteers, fundraisers and new partners to get involved to help us grow and deliver services. For more information simply click Get Involved or click the red Donate button and give what you can today.

Bonus Tip - Stop and say hello. People who are homelessness are quite often misunderstood. It’s important to remember that they are people just like everyone else and sometimes want nothing more than a smile or some kind words.