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Keep It Legal

Your fundraising is important to us, so we want to help make sure you keep it safe and legal. Please let us know you are fundraising for us as we can provide you with an authorisation letter so others know you are one of our supporters and in return we can support you with advice and materials to ensure your event is successful. 

Your event is your responsibility so below are some things to check when planning your event:


Public Places – It is illegal to hold a collection in a public place, like the street, without a license. Please make sure you contact the local PSNI to obtain a license if required –it's a simple process. Or if you are planning an event in a local council space you will need to contact them for permission and a licence.

Private Collections – If you plan to collect in the grounds of a privately owned property/place e.g. a supermarket or train station, you will need to ask permission from the owner first.

Door to Door – Collecting door to door also requires a license. However we ask that you do not collect door to door on behalf of Simon Community NI as we understand the public have concerns about these collections. Please get in touch to look at other ways you can fundraise

Handling Donations:

When planning your event you will need to consider how to keep money safe in the run up to and on the day of your event. Please make sure you use a sealed bucket or have it locked away safely and that two people are there when transporting money to and from the venue and to the bank/ Simon Community NI.

Your safety is important to us so we recommend that you don't carry money to or from the event in a Simon Community NI bucket. If you are ever confronted by someone and they demand the money, hand it over and contact the PSNI.


It is important you think about insurance for your event. As Simon Community NI is not planning your event our insurance will not cover any legal liabilities, please make sure you've thought of the risk of injury or damage to property for example, and have public liability insurance in place.


If you are planning to have alcohol at your event please make sure you check the venue you are using is licensed, or you obtain the necessary license. Your local council will be happy to help with this.

First Aid:

Your event may need First Aid, this will depend on the type of activity, number of people and what provisions are in place at your venue. Organisations such as St John's Ambulance or The Red Cross will be able to assist with any queries and provide additional First Aid if required.


If you are preparing food for an event it is important that you make sure you follow the basic food safety guidelines when storing, preparing or serving food. If you can involve someone with a valid Basic Food Hygiene Certificate this would be good. For more information visit this section of the Food Standards Agency.

If you are using professional caters please make sure they are reputable and have Food Hygiene and Environmental Health certificates.


There are still rules around organising lotteries here in Northern Ireland, even for charitable purposes. You'll find more information here to make sure your lottery is legal.


When promoting your event please make sure you use the term 'in aid of Simon Community NI' and use our logo and charity number appropriately on all publicity materials including press, web and print. We can help with all of this so please get in touch - 

Data Protection:

Please ensure you are abiding by the current law if you are obtaining people's personal details for your event. You will find it here. Please make sure you keep personal details no longer than necessary and they are carefully disposed of.