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Leave a Gift in Your Will

We believe everyone should have a home. Our work is helping to make sure those who find themselves without one have the help needed to get back to independent living.

Remembering our charity in your will enables us to continue to provide shelter and support to someone who most desperately needs it.

We understand your loved ones come first

Leaving a gift in your will to homelessness

Providing for your family and loved ones is your priority, it ensures they are taken care of after you are gone.

However, once you’re happy you’ve made that provision, you have the opportunity to create another gift to help end homelessness for someone here in Northern Ireland.

I am so proud that my father left a gift to Simon Community NI in his will. He said that providing a home to his family was so important to him throughout his life that, after making provisions for his children, he wanted to make sure he could help another family have one too.

James’ daughter, Anna – Co L/Derry

How your legacy can help

Each year, around 18,000 become homeless in Northern Ireland. Our charity sees the devastating impact homelessness has on young people, families and people with poor mental health.

Your gift will help support our vital work, including:

  • 27,000 calls to our freephone helpline from people who are homeless or worried about losing their home
  • 382 warm, safe beds for approximately 3,000 people each year
  • 3 bespoke young people's projects supporting 16-21 year olds
  • Specialist mental health and addictions teams addressing causes of homelessness.

Our commitment to you

We understand that a donation in your will is a substantial gift and a very personal decision. Here are our promises to you if you are considering it:

  • We will ensure your gift is used wisely and cost effectively so that it has the greatest impact
  • We will use your information sensitively and keep you up to date on our work tackling homelessness
  • We can arrange for you to meet staff about the work we do before making a decision
  • We will respect your decision if you change your mind in the future
  • We will treasure your life-changing gift.

Thank you for thinking of us

If you have any questions, please contact Aine Robinson on 028 90232 882 or email

Together we can end homelessness in Northern Ireland.

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