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Simon Community backs calls from NIHE for homeless legislation

23 February 2023

NIHE calls for a shift in their statutory obligation to include prevention of homelessness.

Simon Community CEO Jim Dennison has backed calls from the Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE), Grainia Long, into the need for legislation focusing on a strategic shift towards prevention of homelessness in Northern Ireland. The new legislation would support prevention measures and help address the homelessness crisis which is growing across Northern Ireland.

Speaking about the NIHE announcement, Jim Dennison, Simon Community NI CEO, said:

“I am delighted at the Housing Executive’s increased focus on – and commitment to – preventing homelessness. This is a very welcome, positive and proactive development. Simon Community has been investing efforts into homelessness prevention for some time and advocating for this to be a legal requirement in our collective efforts to end homelessness.”

“With new legislation and the support of the NIHE, we can help stop more people falling into the nightmare of becoming homeless, whilst also relieving some of the pressure that our shelter and support services are seeing on a daily basis.”

“This will ultimately allow our staff to better align service users with a strategy which is focused on ending their cycle of homelessness and helps address individual circumstances and needs along the way.”

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NIH Es Grainne Long pictured alongside Jim Dennson