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PT Peter Strain shares Top 5 Training Tips ahead of Belfast Marathon

27 March 2019

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Peter Strain, Independent Personal Trainer at One-2-One Physiotherapy

Partnering with Simon Community NI, ahead of this year's Belfast City Marathon, Belfast-based Personal Trainer and Crusaders FC Strength & Conditioning coach Peter Strain volunteers training and knowledge to the charity's couch to 10k initiative. 

Peter, a Sports Science and Football graduate from Liverpool's John Moores University, comes with a wealth of experience in areas of performance analysis, coaching and strength and conditioning with previous positions including fitness coaching with academy teams at Crew Alexandria and the Irish Football Association

Deciding to support the development of Simon Community's couch to 10k pre-marathon training initiative, Strain said:

Experience has taught me to design fitness around people's interests or routines and this is why I was happy to work with Simon Community on a beginners couch to 10k training plan. 

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With my own fitness routine, I like to keep things varied and use my passion for football to design training styles around my interest. Simon's weekly after work training and fun runs are a condensed 45 minute routine to match the interests of those with busy lifestyles who are looking for something they can slot into lunch hours or after work.

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Further helping Team Simon runners, Peter provided nutrition and fitness guidance to Simon detailing tips for those looking to take part in the charity's couch to 10k initiative.

Peter's Top 5 Training Tips:

1. Keep a training log and monitor training volume

2. Appropriately implement strength training into your program

3. Consider cross training to supplement your running e.g cycling, swimming, pitch based sessions on the grass or other aerobic activities to train different movement patterns and avoid overloading the same tissues repeatedly 

4. Maximise your recovery strategies e.g don't move through pain - listen to your body, sleep 7-8 hours, fuel up with nutrient dense foods & stay hydrated

5. Prepare your mind just as well as your body.

For more information on Simon Community's weekly training fun runs click here or email 

To learn more about Peter Strain PT, connect with him on Facebook and Instagram.

There's still time to sign up to this years Belfast City Marathon. Click Here for more info.