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Join Simon Community NI in Urgent Action to End Youth Homelessness

29 February 2024

In the face of a staggering and often overlooked crisis, Simon Community, Northern Ireland’s leading homelessness charity, has joined forces with over 100 charities calling on all political parties to come together and adopt a national strategy to end homelessness.

Alarming statistics reveal that almost 136,000 young people across the UK experienced homelessness last year. This translates to 372 young individuals facing homelessness every day, with a new case emerging every four minutes. Some experts also suggest the actual number could be even higher. In a nation grappling with a housing crisis, the plight of young individuals is too often ignored. There is a dire shortage of suitable, affordable, and youth-appropriate housing, coupled with the challenges of low-paying, insecure roles, and insufficient financial support.

Simon Community, as part of a coalition of youth and youth homelessness charities, is calling on all political parties to urgently adopt and implement a national strategy to combat youth homelessness. The strategy prioritises prevention, finances, and housing, providing specific updates and evidence-based solutions that the government must support to tackle this crisis.

Further emphasising the urgent action required Jim Dennison, Chief Executive of Simon Community , said:

We firmly believe that young people need better housing, fairer finances, and increased support to prevent homelessness from occurring in the first place.

We implore those in power, to prioritise young people and deliver a strategy to end youth homelessness before the next general election. Stand with Simon Community and the collective of homelessness and youth organisations to campaign for a Plan For The 136k. We need 100,000 signatures to ensure this pressing issue is debated in Parliament and gains the attention it deserves. Your signature on the petition is crucial.