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JCDecaux names charity partners in NI for 2020-2021

15 January 2020

With a media value of up to £300,000 over 2 years, JCDecaux have announced that they will again be working with three charity partners in Northern Ireland for a two year period. These include a new partner in Aware, as well as Inspire Wellbeing and Simon Community whom JCDecaux have worked with for several years.

For the last number of years JCDecaux have partnered with selected charities, providing each charity with access to their portfolio of outdoor formats, so that they can raise much needed awareness of the issues that they are facing and encourage people to support them.

Aware will be using the space to raise awareness of depression and to promote their services and community supports. Inspire Wellbeing’s objective is to develop positive mental health and wellbeing for all those facing mental health challenges, learning disabilities, autism and addiction. The Simon Community NI will be highlighting the issues surrounding homelessness, encouraging those who need help to reach out to them and driving support from local communities and businesses.

Tony O’Flanagan, Marketing Director of JCDecaux said:

Working with a select number of charity partners in Northern Ireland over a two-year period allows us to provide them with a significant province wide platform to drive awareness of the issues that they are facing and prompt action from a substantial audience to help them with their cause. We will be working closely with Aware, Inspire Wellbeing and The Simon Community to ensure that they get the most out of the space we are making available to them.

Jim Dennison, Chief Executive at Simon Community NI commented on the partnership:

Simon Community is absolutely delighted to have been selected as a lucky beneficiary of JCDecaux’s advertising partnership. The ability to use billboard space throughout Northern Ireland to highlight homelessness helps our charity communicate with a much greater number of people. Our partnership will allow more people to see how they can get help if they are homeless and it encourages support from local communities and businesses. It is a fantastic way for us to raise the profile of our vital work.